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Recognizing the radiance that resides within your Being, is the beginning. 
Being Present is the Work

These were the words I heard more than a decade ago. The ones that would advance my understanding and elevate your experience. From the onset of my career I had made the decision to only use organic products, believing that beauty is best supported through purity. Though I would be ahead of my industry from a product standpoint, I was still operating from the fundamental belief that the most successful treatments only came from using great products, techniques, and the right sequence of steps. I became highly proficient, talented, and successful at this model, and yet was still longing for more. Then I became aware of how I was primarily grounded in my mind, instead of the wisdom of my heart. That was until I observed and fully understood...

"The heart is the divine mind!"

From this new understanding, everything shifted. I knew it was staying in the presence of connection that changed the dynamic for myself and my client.  After performing almost 50,000 facials, I believe that more than ever. Don't worry, I definitely understand how to address your concerns and will happily do so, while I also believe in the value of using our time connecting to what you LOVE about your Beauty too. 

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