Recognizing the inherent radiance that resides within your Being, is the beginning

The Restorative Ritual

I believe that beauty and wellness are companions, and both are supported during this experience. I believe in balancing the whole self back to  radiance. I also believe that people today need more moments to reset and recalibrate to re-enter life more restored.  Truly healing beauty can replace some of what has been depleted.  These are personalized treatments with a restorative approach. After more than 25 years and thousands of facials performed, that required no less than two hours allotted for each client, I created a sequence of steps and a uniquely effective treatment. As I listen and learn about your needs, the following list of attributes creates the foundation of every service. 

This all starts with the Amethyst Biomat! — this unique one-of-a-kind mat provides far infrared therapy to reduce

inflammation throughout the body, thus beginning the process of age reversal. As well as 3 primary tenants:  Healing touch, pure products, plus techniques and technologies based on affecting our energetic body.

What you will experience will not only be specially made for you,  but hopefully evolve your idea of what a beauty treatment can be.  A more connected and effective skincare service awaits. 

An Inspired list of Offerings & Benefits Included:

  • Purified air & water for beauty, body, breath & skin

  • Bed adorned with an Amethyst Biomat to induce healing far-infrared therapy

  • Eco luxe products; using the divine intelligence of whole plant organics 

  • Back bar product lines:

    • Marie Veronique 

    • One Love Organics


    • H is for Love 

    • True Botanicals

  • Aromatherapy (optional if sensitive) 

  • Ultrasonic deep cleansing of the skin

  • Exfoliation (with enzymes / microdermabrasion or both)

  • Evaluation / light pore cleaning (for Ritual Refine & Restore)

  • Lymphatic massage (purifying the skin from the inside out)

  • Nefali facial Gua Sha  (a tool is designed to direct qi (energy) and blood flow along specific meridians and points,
    gently softening the signs of aging. Gua Sha also promotes a deeply restful state)

  • Tuning fork rebalance; harmonize our field

  • Toning facial massage

  • Mini micro-current application (Stimulates collagen production while it lifts, tightens, and tones facial muscles)

  • Ultrasonic serum induction

  • Sound therapy

  • Warm salt stone shoulder massage

  • Hand reflexology massage

  • Organic linens

  • Natural cleansers & detergents on linens

  • Eco conscience practices and plastic free throughout 

I believe in balancing the whole self into more harmony and flow. I believe inflammation and disharmony create premature aging.  I also believe that taking such precious moments will feel luxurious yet are essential.

A more connected, effective  & healing ritual awaits…… 



Ritual Reset

This treatment comprises all the

components listed in the main menu of included benefits & steps.

$135 (75 minutes)



Ritual Refine

This treatment is all the benefits in

the Reset + microderm polishing and superficial hair removal. Creating a more smooth refined skin texture. 

$175 (90 minutes)



 Ritual Restore

This treatment is all the benefits in

the Reset protocol + an intensive

microcurrent toning/ lifting focus.

$215 (95 minutes)

Myolift Ultra Microcurrent

Microcurrent and galvanic therapy for the face are yet another example of a procedure which began as a medical treatment, but which has now been adopted for use in the cosmetic market place. Is the only aesthetic treatment available for facial toning. Using microcurrent impulses, to give almost instant, visible results to tighten, tone, and firm aging skin.

In fact, the results from microcurrent facial toning are so dramatic that they are often referred to as nonsurgical facial lifts.

The 7EMyolift Ultra delivers low level frequencies known as micro-current

(less one millionth of an amp) that work in harmony with the body’s electrical system. This is a gentle non-invasive treatment that ‘re-educates’ the muscles. The current continues to work for 72 hours, and the benefits will last up to 10 days post treatment! There are no special post-procedure recommendations except to follow up with continuing treatments. Maintain a healthy lifestyle — Hydration, Beauty Sleep, Nutrition, Fresh air & Exercise.


Celluma LED light therapy with Clinically proven results. Developed by NASA, this technology quadruples fibroblast activity to build collagen and the body's natural ability to heal itself. With 3 spectrums of light working simultaneously  there is dramatic results in treating wrinkles and acne among many other benefits.