Restorative Beauty Treatments 

Grounded in the Love of "Attention & Intention"

Truly personalized treatments with a restorative approach. After more than 20 years and 50,000 facials performed, that require no less than two hours allotted for each client, I created a sequence of steps and a truly natural, effective treatment. With the intention focused on how your body responds to the treatment as the basis for your results. One of my goals is to address inflammation as the root cause of premature aging. Thus the facial bed is adorned with an Amethyst Biomat that induces far infrared therapy into the body. The treatment is also rooted in the purity of the products, as well as the sequence of steps below. After performing aromatherapy, facial lymphatic detox massage, and a handmade detox cleanse of manuka honey algae,thermal volcanic mud to prepare the the skin to receive the treatment. There is always exfoliation with either natural peels, enzymes, or microdermabrasion. LED light therapy can always be added as well. It is with the most advanced technology and pure / nontoxic products brought together that the two best worlds of skin care can address and create beautiful skin at once.

ALL Facials ALWAYS include the following steps, going above and beyond any other facial service:
And it all starts with the Amethyst Biomat! — this unique one of a kind mat provides far infrared therapy to reduce inflammation throughout the body thus beginning the process of age reversal.

Certified Organic Products

Organic linens


Ultrasonic cleansing of the skin

Lymphatic Massage (detoxing the skin from the inside out)

Handmade Detox Cleanse


Light pore cleaning 

Ultrasonic Serum induction

Toning Facial Massage

Handmade Organic facial Mask (made for your skin fresh at each treatment to balance the skin)

Hot stone Shoulder Massage 

While your mask is setting a hand and arm reflexology massage will be included!

"The Studio Signature Facial"


All the above steps, plus additional customized care to fit your needs the day of your treatment. Whether your need deep pore cleaning and clarity, or hydration and nourishment, I will gift your skin with love and intention!

Add-Ons for your treatment: 

Microdremabrasion (Polishing) $10.00

Microcurrent (Firming) $45.00

Microneedling (Collagen Building) $35.00

Waxing $ - Variable

LED (Blue & Red Light Therapy) $35.00

*LED 50% off when another add-on is purchased

Myolift Ultra Microcurrent

Microcurrent and galvanic therapy for the face are yet another example of a procedure which began as a medical treatment, but which has now been adopted for use in the cosmetic market place. Is the only aesthetic treatment available for facial toning. Using microcurrent impulses, to give almost instant, visible results to tighten, tone, and firm aging skin. In fact, the results from microcurrent facial toning are so dramatic that they are often referred to as nonsurgical facial lifts.

The 7EMyolift Ultra delivers low level frequencies known as micro-current (less one millionth of an amp) that work in harmony with the body’s electrical system. This is a gentle non-invasive treatment that ‘re-educates’ the muscles. The current continues to work for 72 hours, and the benefits will last up to 10 days post treatment! There are no special post-procedure recommendations except to follow up with continuing treatments. Maintain a healthy lifestyle — Hydration, Beauty Sleep, Nutrition, Fresh air & Exercise.


Celluma LED light therapy with Clinically proven results. 
Developed by NASA, this technology quadruples fibroblast activity to build collagen and the body's natural ability to heal itself. With 3 spectrums of light working simultaneously  there is dramatic results in treating wrinkles and acne among many other benefits. 

Reflexology with Teja

Reflexology is a pressure-point massage treatment based on the theory that our feet are the mirror of our body, and how specific points on the feet correspond to specific parts of our body. By pressing on these points we can release pain, tension, and help our body to heal itself. Our reflexologist, Teja, acquired certification in foot and hand reflexology valid throughout the European Union. Her aim is to help people relieve stress and pain by finding a deeper underlying cause of their distress. The outcome is the client’s inner peace, deep relaxation and balance on all levels. All treatments are 60 minutes long.

Initial Reflexology Treatment $85.00

Reflexology Treatment $110.00

To book an appointment for reflexology at Studio Pilar, click the "booking" tab below to be re-directed to our online scheduling system. At the moment skincare & facial treatments are closed to new clients.