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A savasana for your mind, a transformation for your skin.
A new kind of offering in the beauty-wellness space. 

My Inspiration

More than a facial, more than just your skin

Recognizing the Inherent Radiance within your being, is the beginning. 

I believe that beauty and wellness are companions, and both are supported during this experience. I believe in balancing the whole self back to radiance. I also believe that people today need more moments to reset and reconnect to re-enter life more restored.  Truly healing beauty can replace some of what has been depleted.  These are personalized treatments with a restorative approach.  After more than 25 years and thousands of facials performed, I created a sequence of steps and a uniquely effective treatment. As I listen and learn about your needs, the following list of attributes creates the foundation of every service. 

What you will experience will not only be specially made for you,  but is designed to evolve your idea of what a beauty treatment can be.

A more connected, thus effective skincare service awaits...

You will feel the difference, your skin will reap the benefits!

For me, the most ideal type of product is not only pure in nature, but life affirming as it nourishes us in it's totality and feeds our skin. These high vibrational skin foods are obtained through pristine growth practices and handcrafted in a way to maintain optimal essences of the extracts. I have been curating products of this caliber for more than two decades. In my New Studio I have hand-picked an assortment of products from lines of this nature to be the backbar of resources that support your high performance treatment.

Here's an image of just some of these products from lines such as:

Odacite; French Skincare, Evolve Organics; UK based Skincare, H is for Love: Spokane WA, Osea; Malibu CA, Naturallogic; CA, True Botanicals, Trilogy; New Zealand Skincare, Lord Jones, Naturopathica, Wildcare: Portland OR, Laurel Whole Earth Organics; CA, One Love Organics; St. Simons Island GA, Mara, and always expanding!!


Skin Healing & Transformative Modalities:

  • My Signature Sculpting Facial Massage

  • Reiki
    Universal Energy flow that activates a healing response in the body.

  • Precision Pulsating Lymphatic Drainage
    detox tissues and continue the internal sculpting process.

  • ​Nefali Facial Gua Sha Face Sculpting 
    (a tool is designed to direct qi energy) and blood flow along specific meridians and points gently softening the signs of aging. Gua Sha also promotes a deeply restful state.

  • Sound Wave Sculpting Wand
    using sound wave technology tot targets crow’s feet and nasolabial lines and more, giving skin a firmer, smoother appearance.

  • Tuning fork harmonizing;
    Bringing Harmony to our inner/outer field.

  • Infared Therapy Mat 
    Exposing our body to far infrared therapy is a natural and effective way to reduce inflammation therapy, the root cause aging. Reducing inflammation is considered the " nourishment of youth " Not only does it have a positive impact on our emotional and physical body, but at a cellular level it increases water communication which is the premier conductor for our electrical flow.

  • Lymphatic Detox & Sculpt Massage


  • Micro-Current Toning
    (Stimulates collagen production while it lifts, tightens, and tones facial muscles)
    Micro-current is a low level electrical current that mimics your own body's electrical frequency. We do not need to feel micro-current technology to have it be working for us, as it synchronizes the bodies electrical energy at the cellular level. The current is in harmony with our bodies electrical system as it transports commands to the tissues through electrons chemicals and the electrical system. Exposing our muscles to this frequency induces them to become shorter and more youthful in their muscle integrity. Reversing the elongation for sagging in our muscles that gravity increases.

  • LED Light Therapy
    Quadruples fibroblast activity to build collagen and stimulate faster healing, repair, and health to our skin.


  • Beauty thru Sacred Connection
    Is an energetic rejuvenation for your skin, and a reconnection to the natural state of whole beauty that lives within you. Incorporating the energetic modalities of Gua Sha, Tuning forks, Sound wave technology with Light therapy to my comprehensive Organic skin care treatment. (All attributes listed below are also included) In intentional stillness, your ability to experience a connection to all your inherent beauty is realized. 

  • Beauty thru Electric Alignment
    (My Signature Sculpting Treatment)
    The treatment that created the vision for my New Studio concept. Igniting & aligning our energetic body and electrical body as one. I utilize all of my 6 modalities; Gua Sha, tuning forks, Micro-current, Sound wave technology, with Sound & Light therapy to harmonize the flows of our energy systems. (All attributes listed below are also included) This treatment will profoundly affect both our Beauty and our Being; most popular service. 

  • Gravity Defy
    Advanced & Focused Ultra Micro-current Toning Treatment. A more comprehensive micro-current treatment with the addition of an ATP boosting mask. Micro-current increases collagen production up to 45%, and strengthens elasticity up to 50%, in just one session! Experience a more lifted and tighter skin contour.

  • Purify & Clarify 
    This treatment is designed to reset and deeply clean imbalanced skin and pores.  Focused on deep purification and healing of acne prone skin. LED blue light included to speed healing.

  • Grounded in Sound & Light
    Not a Facial, but instead Reflexology!  A treatment focused on the feet that touches the entirety of our Being. Whether we focus on the face or we focus on the feet, it's in the stillness that deep change occurs. By focusing on specific points on the feet you can tap into all the meridian lies of energy in the body. Creating a more grounded state of balance that I couple with LED light and multiple sound therapies. It is truly a beautiful harmonization for your nervous system. 

Add Ons....​

  • Microdermabrasion Diamond Polishing
    Can be added to any facial treatment to polish/buff and create a deeper exfoliation and more refined texture to our complexion. Additional $20 


  • Needle Micro-Rolling w/ Serum Induction
    Can be added to any facial treatment to micro-perforate the skin, stimulate collagen & increase cellular activity for plumpness and increased rejuvenation.
    Additional $30​

Beauty Benefits included in EVERY facial:

  • Amethyst Biomat  
    nique one-of-a-kind mat provides far infrared therapy to reduce inflammation throughout the body, thus beginning the process of age reversal.


  • ​Purified Air & Water
    For Beauty, Body, Breath & Skin

  • Eco Luxe Products
    Divine intelligence of whole plant organics

  • Aromatherapy
    (optional if sensitive) 


  • Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Serum Induction

  • Exfoliation
    (with enzymes / microdermabrasion or both)

  • Evaluation / Light Pore Cleaning
    (if needed)

  • Lymphatic Massage
    (purifying the skin from the inside out)

  • Nutrient Dense Handmade Blended Mask 
    Created for you from my extensive back bar of healing ingredients: natural acids, medicinal herbs, CBD infused honey, propolis, mineral muds, into an all-in-one corrective treatment. To deeply purify, hydrate, nourish, refine, detoxify, re-mineralize and rebalance skin. (see above product image for skincare lines used in treatment)

  • Sound Therapy

  • Warm Shoulder, Hand & Arm Massage

  • Organic Linens

  • Natural Cleansers & Detergents
    (used on linens)

  • Eco Conscience Practices & Plastic Free

Taking precious moments such as this will feel luxurious, yet are essential....

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