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My Story

artist–esthetician–entrepreneur–energy alchemist   

Foremost I consider myself an Artist. Not only was it my first formal training, but the foundation for everything else I pursue. The Arts are my passion, my inspiration, and the throughline that allows me to experience Beauty everywhere, in everyone, and in all moments. Allowing me after an almost 30-year career to find new ways to tap into our beauty potential as inspiration.  As a former jewelry designer and sculptor I was immersed in the world of art, art galleries, and jewelry shows. I then discovered the world of skincare, more importantly the arena of organic skincare, and a new passion, focus, and career were born. I began to channel all my creative energy into the art of esthetics, and the caretaking of women's beauty through natural means. My commitment comes from a deep belief that while our innate beauty radiates from within, it must be "supported by the nourishment contained in our practices, our mindset, and our rituals."

Which is why my recent sabbatical became so meaningful. It was my first deep focused immersion into how we truly cultivate that radiance within. The knowledge gained supported my many decades of understanding and viewing the skin externally.


I continually feel inspired, challenged, and excited about where the industry has evolved in its offerings. Beyond providing the best experience I could envision or create, I have been dedicated to teaching, researching, educating, and mentoring in the field. My experience includes owning many personal spa locations and retail boutiques (before there were Organic retail boutiques). I have also worked for larger day spas, medical practices, Esthetic schools, and skincare lines. Always advocating and holding a vision that the beauty industry remains rooted in our personal health first, and the health of our beautiful planet. To prioritize and protect our precious resources and ancient practices. While never losing sight of the privilege it is to be trusted in the care taking of women's Beauty. I feel sincere gratitude for this, and the consistent recognition of my Signature Treatments. I extend my deepest gratitude to my amazing clients over these many years. For their unwavering love, loyalty, and support. And to my dear mom, for her everlasting belief in my dreams!

I am my own own muse, the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better

— Oroma Elewa

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