Purity & Luxe Boutique

Where Purity Meets Performance "In the Art of Beauty Rituals"

As a master connoisseur of Organic products, for more than 25 years, I continue to evolve what the product experience means to me. Like the impact products and packaging have on our world, and more specifically our resources. I continue to desire more from the companies we choose to carry, so that your experience in our boutique elevates your product inventory to an exceptional level.

Creating an ideal shopping & purchasing experience with positive impact.

"The Best in Boutique Shopping!"

" The Art of Self Care Rituals "- NOT Just Skin Care Routines

Our "Clean and Corrective" skincare boutique is the perfect compliment to professional treatments.
Come explore and enjoy experiencing the area's largest collection of organic beauty products that perform.
One focus of the boutique is addressing the 4 essential components of your self-care ritual. Effective cleansers, nutrient-packed elixirs & beauty oils, corrective creams, like natural retinols. And healthy non-nano mineral SPF in luxurious formulas. But we also have specialty products for body, as well as
eyes/ lips and the beautiful RMS makeup Beauty Bar. In addition we carry a handmade perfume collection from amazing American women artists.

1. Cleanse & Purify

Cleansing is not just the first step, it is essential to maintain the qualities of healthy glowing skin. When you cleanse you begin  your skin care ritual; Awakening your skin in the morning, purifying your skin at night.

2. Nourish & Nuture

Everyday nourishment is essential.  Enjoy elixirs & serums filled with antioxidants, And natural oils packed with concentrated nutrients from exotic nuts and seeds, 

3. Correct & Repair

Make sure to do something corrective in regards to exfoliation, whether it be a glycolic or vit c. serum, or intensive natural retinol products.

4. Protect & Heal

Finally, always protect your skin from pollution and too much sun exposure with a high quality SPF.