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What you will experience will not only be uniquely made for you, but evolve your idea of what a facial can be. 

A Facial grounded in the energy of my Intention &  Attention, while holistically working the systems of lymphatic flow and muscle tone, for your most youthful glow.

I believe that beauty and wellness are companions, and both are supported during the facial experience. I believe in balancing the whole self back to radiance. I also believe that people today need more moments to reset and recharge so as to re-enter life more restored.  A truly healing facial can replace some of what has been depleted.  As I listen and learn about your needs, the following list of attributes creates the foundation of every service.  A more connected and effective facial awaits.

  • Air & Water purification for the body, the breath & the skin

  • Certified organic products

  • Organic linens

  • Aromatherapy ( optional if sensitive ) 

  • Ultrasonic cleansing of the skin

  • Lymphatic Massage (purifying the skin from the inside out)

  • Handmade detoxifing facial cleanse

  • Exfoliation ( with Enzymes Micodermabrasion or Both )

  • Toning Facial Massage

  • Organic facial mask; created especially for you

  • Warm Salt Stone shoulder massage

  • Hand and arm reflexology massage

     Add-ons:  Deep Pore Cleaning for congested skin OR

     Microcurrent toning to tighten lift and rejuvenate facial tone


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* Please note I’ve relocated to the West coast.

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