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Pilar Divitorrio 


As a former jewelry designer I was immersed in the world of art, art galleries, and jewelry shows. Then I discovered the world of skin care, more importantly the arena of Organic skin care, and my new passion was set. I began to channel all my creative energy into the art of aesthetics, and the caretaking of women's beauty through natural means. My commitment comes from a deep belief that while our innate beauty radiates from within, it must be

"supported by the nourishment of healthy rituals."

"Purity, where Luxury  begins."

I have dedicated the last 20 years to teaching, researching, educating, and providing services and expertise in the positive attributes of organic skincare coupled with a healthy lifestyle; the truth behind authentic beauty. My experience includes owning a personal spa and retail boutique, working in larger day spas and medical practices, teaching in aesthetic schools, and providing support to professional skincare lines through educating their accounts. My motivation has always been intrinsically based in the belief that organic skincare must be the future of the beauty industry. Lastly, I am truly fortunate for the consistent recognition of my signature organic treatments. For this, I extend my deepest gratitude to my amazing clients for their unwavering and continued support. 

Teja Vovk


My healthcare journey began after my father’s intense illness.  I quit studying economics, attended  a four year intensive training in holistic healing at Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Bad Ischl, Austria and continued my education at Interuniversity College for Health and Development in Graz, Austria. While I was studying, I was also learning about Reflexology and its many health benefits. Having always been accused of “rootlessness” I was drawn to reflexology’s emphasis on our connection to the earth, the feet.

What fascinated me the most from the very beginning of my encounter with reflexology is the theory that our feet are the mirror of our body and how specific points on the feet correspond to specific parts of our body and by pressing on these points we can release pain, tension, and help our body to heal itself. I acquired certification in foot and hand reflexology valid throughout the European Union. I began my professional life as a children’s dance and yoga instructor where I realized that working with young ones is my passion. While still working with children I began using my reflexology and mind and body approach to healing with individual clients. My aim is to help people relieve stress and pain by finding a deeper underlying cause of their distress.  The outcome is client’s inner peace, deep relaxation and balance on all levels.

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