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A Sacred Space for Skin & Soul

Creator of SYSTYMS by Pilar, A Facial Sculpting Methodology

Through an Alchemy of modalities rich in SCIENCE, ENERGY, FREQUENCY & LOVE

you will become an embodiment of more Refined Beauty & Inner Harmony.

Pilar Di Vittorio​

reimagining skin-care as true self-care 

I created Studio-Pilar to invoke a deeper experience with your own unique beauty, through a devotional moment of self-care. Transforming the energy systems within us, to an outer experience of visible change.

Welcome to my HIGH VIBE world,

Where high vibrational tools and healing techniques divinely unite.

A 30 year Devotion to offering treatments based on transformative touch, and technology that tones.

My vision for beauty begins with the awareness that you are uniquely divine, and builds on a new paradigm to support it. One at the intersection of our energetic and electrical body systems. Where all beauty lies in potential to be harnessed and aligned through both scientific and healing modalities, which I couple with light &sound therapies.

My goal, to address the source and not just the symptoms of aging. Those changes that have truly been happening below the surface.

There's a whole ecosystem underneath- muscles, fat deposits, bone, and fascia that are changing as we age. The lines on the upper layer are just a result of those underlying changes.

Also, our face, which is connected to our scalp, neck, and shoulders are holding stagnation and tension as well.

Adding in massage to these connective areas elevates the Natural transformation you will experience.


“your beauty's superpower is within" 

~ pilar . 

  Feed your Higher Needs

Experience award winning skincare that's healing and transformative.

​In the stillness of my Sacred Space experience an oasis for the senses and a true change in your appearance. That true change comes from my latest offering, 3 years in the making!

A new imagining on what's possible in optimal skin health. Creating a more Sculpted complexion thru my “inside-out skin beauty workout" I termed SYSTYMS by pilar​.

click here to learn details and descriptions about my technologies and methodology.


More than a Facial, More than just your Skin. 

May this be an opportunity for you to connect to who you truly are.
A divine being, with your own unique and perfect expression of HIGH-VIBE beauty.
Pilar DiVittorio, Owner

Voted Allure's Best Facialist 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2018 

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