A Sacred Space for Skin, Soul & Beauty Flow

Through an Alchemy of modalities rich in SCIENCE, ENERGY, FREQUENCY & LOVE
you will become an embodiment of more Refined Beauty & Inner Harmony. 

Pilar Di Vittorio

Welcome to Studio Pilar,

I create treatments of elevated self-care. In the stillness of my Sacred Space experience an oasis for the senses & a true change in your appearance. 

That true change comes from my latest offering, 3 years in the making!

A creation I call Beauty Flow.  A New imagining on what's possible in building optimal skin health, radiance, tone and vitality. Ultimately creating a more Sculpted complexion through my  "inside/out Skin workout"

I utilize both High-Touch & High-Tech modalities which affect our energy body and body systems. These systems directly affect our skin, muscles, Qi, lymph flow, collagen, and deeper skin nourishment.  A healthy youthful Glow, built from the inside out!

All while being cocooned in stillness as sound healing modalities flow through your treatment.  Thus allowing you to experience a state of inner harmony and reconnection to your subtle body.  (The subtle body; that place within us where the Divine resides)

  Your Ultimate Sculpted Facial Glow

After  more than 25 years of devoted study, both in and out of the treatment room, tens of thousands of facials performed, as well as owning the first award winning organic skin care destination in the DC area, I invite you to experience the most recent evolution of my life's work.  A beauty protocol I call...

"Beauty Flow"  Endeavoring to support your Beauty as the embodiment of your Being; both Energetic & Divine.

This First of its kind fusion of 5 Energetic and Harmonizing modalities systematically create a more toned, smooth & restored youthful lift in your skin:

Micro-current technology  (which taps into the innate energy circuit within us) Tuning forks (to align the energy fields naturally flowing within & around us),  Certified Nefeli Gua Sha technique & tool .A protocol designed to direct qi (energy) and blood flow along specific meridians and points to gently soften the signs of aging. Gua Sha also promotes a deeply restful state, Reiki harnessing the Universal healing power of Energy intention and touch. All while being infused within a bath of Sound Healing music. As I attune the flows in your Energy Body, more Beauty is happening from you, by you, and for you, through your uniquely perfect Energy blueprint. While also allowing you to reset and more deeply connect, returning to life more restored. 


( If interested,  I've created a resume page on this site, for those interested in learning more about my studies &  credentials )

May this be an opportunity for you to connect to who you truly are:

A Divine Being, with your own Unique and Perfect expression of High-Vibe Beauty!


Voted Allure's best facialist 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2018 

Your first Ritual Reset for $95

(Regularly $145)